How to Collect Succulent Specimens Fast

Would you want your succulent collection to grow at a rapid rate?

This article is all about giving you tips on how to collect succulent specimens fast and starting with cuttings.

I’m sharing this article with you because this has helped me a lot in gathering a big assortment of succulents. This also helped me grow my succulent garden fast, because one order of 70 to 100 succulent cuttings would reveal about 40 to 70 variants.

If you would ask me if I would have done it differently, if I were given a choice, I’d say I wouldn’t. I’m so grateful that I started with succulent cuttings. I learned a lot while growing roots on them.

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How did I do it? And why cuttings?

Continue to read on to get the answers.

Tip #1: By the time you receive your cuttings, all of them have calloused over through the mail. So your cuttings are ready for potting on the day you lay eyes on them.

Tip #2: Do not water the cuttings for about 2 weeks after potting them. This gives them time to adjust to their new home.

Tip #3: When you see leaves drying, don’t panic. Do not start watering them over and over, fearing that they are getting dehydrated. It is their way of pushing forth roots, especially when they have just been potted.

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But wait…

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Tip #4: If you are unsure whether they need water or not, postpone watering them for about 2 to 3 days. They are better off under-watered than over-watered for starters, unless it is in the summer. They would not die by postponing watering for about 3 days more. It is more unsafe to keep watering them when there is still moisture around the root, because it will lead to root rot!

Tip #5: Space out watering your succulents to about 1 to 3 weeks in the summer and spring and about once a month or up to once in the entire winter, if you will leave them out, if it does not snow in your area. Water them every 2 to 3 weeks if they are indoors.

Check out some fully rooted succulents by tapping on image here.

Best part?

Tip #6: Cuttings are not as expensive as rooted ones. I have purchased cuttings that are less than a dollar. Send me a Direct Message on my Instagram account by tapping on my name here, Succulent Fame or by leaving a message for me on my comment section on this article, or through the form in my Contact Me page.

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  1. Nancy Gibney says:

    I love to watch your videos. The inspiring quotes are great,too. I am just now finding out about succulents and ordered through mail. Thanks for all the information.

    • Sheila says:

      Thank you so much, Nancy! I’m so glad to hear that my videos are reaching people and touching lives in more ways than one. It is such a great privilege that I get to do this. Thanks again and more blessing your way! Happy Planting!

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