6 Ways to Deal with Mealy Bugs & Aphids on Succulents

Is you garden an endless battle scene against mealy bugs every single summer? Do you hate seeing those unsightly mealy bugs that look like they are ready to invade your succulents? Then you need to start learning these strategies and adapting these secret weapons that I am about to share with you.¬† Just thinking about […]

How to Collect Succulent Specimens Fast

Would you want your succulent collection to grow at a rapid rate? This article is all about¬†giving you tips on how to collect succulent specimens fast and starting with cuttings. I’m sharing this article with you because this has helped me a lot in gathering a big assortment of succulents. This also helped me grow […]

How & When To Water Your Succulents (Keep Them Alive)

Do you agree that “too frequent watering” can kill your succulents? I specifically chose not to use the term “overwatering” and you will see the reason why as you read along. This is a very informative article on how to water your succulents. Or should I say, how not to kill your succulents! I have […]